We believe that people of different abilities are much more capable than the world gives them credit for and that is why Empower Farms came into being: to provide a space where differently abled people could participate in the responsible production of food, connect with the earth, and feel empowered. We refer to them as our “teammates” because we work together and without them our farm would not exist. We organize field trips where our teammates can engage in activities of varying difficulty so everyone can enjoy their day. At Empower Farms, we view every human being as equal, and no matter how you were born or what circumstances life brought you; you can be a productive, happy and empowered member of society.


We're proud to say that we don't use any chemicals for our agricultural production so family members can feel safe that anyone who visits won't be exposed to "the ugly side of farming" and just as importantly, our Teammates can take pride in the fact that they're setting a good example for the community. In addition to farming, we also use examples from our farm to teach our visitors about our relationship with nature, and why it is important that we treat it with respect.


We host field trips for our teammates on a regular basis. We designed our farm so that at any time of the year, there is farm work to be done. Contact us to schedule a visit or to organize a field trip of your own!