What is Empower Farms?

Empower Farms is a social enterprise that integrates eco-friendly farming and serving individuals with disabilities.  

Who are Empower Farms teammates?

Everyone who helps out at the farm is a teammate. It takes a whole team to grow the food!

How do you create opportunities for people with disabilities?

How do you create opportunities for people with disabilities?
The farm is designed so people with various types of disabilities can come to us anytime and help out at the farm, with tasks requiring different skills and abilities to be done throughout the year.. This is a great synergy with eco-friendly farming, which involves a lot of work being done by people rather than by machines or chemicals. 

Many teammates come to us on field trips with organizations that serve individuals with intellectual, emotional, and/or physical impairments. Other teammates visit on an individual basis or with a private group. Some come just once and others on a regular basis (yearly, monthly, weekly, or more).

In the 2017-2018 growing season, ? teammates visited the farm. We try to accommodate everyone who wants to get involved with the productive process of a working farm.